Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mommy Runs on Dunkin'

Thanks to my afternoon cup of Dunkin', my oldest son at nursery school, and to the Backyardigans keeping my youngest son occupied I am able to start my first blog post! I am very excited to be able to start this blog and share my life, my designs, and why I love designing with all of you.

I am a self taught jewelry artist, very new to this business actually. I actually got my certification in personal training after having my second son. I had the intentions to start my own personal training business, and did for a short time. After realizing that I in fact do love fitness and training, I also came to realize that I love designing and making jewelry more. I still train (myself) and help others that may ask for it but jewelry is where my passion is. I will always keep up my certification because you never know what the future may bring, but building my jewelry business is what the concentration is on.

Well, let me tell you how I fell in love with beads and designing! I actually thought I would make a couple gifts for a few people, so I went to the local craft store to take a peek at their bead supply. I just simply fell in love with the feel of the beads and wire in my hands and the peace that came over me while I created and designed the pieces of jewelry. From that point on I was hooked and thought of different ways I could possibly make this a business. I started last fall by doing local craft and vendor shows. I met a lot of great people! It was also a nice out for a stay at home mom of two boys 4 and 2! I have received a lot of great feedback regarding my designs and people often say that they can't believe I have only been doing this for such a short time. I am so flattered with the great comments and strive to produce more and more great pieces!

I have started using only sterling silver for my designs and have also introduced metal stamping and wire work into my line as well! I am super excited to share all of this with you! I hope you all tune in to see new posts, new pieces, and to hear new tales of this crazy moms life!

Pictured above are a few of my newest earrings working on a couple of new earwires so stay tuned!
Until next time....

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  1. Good luck building your business. Your designs are beautiful!