Monday, April 12, 2010

Pink Lemonade

Well it is another beautiful day in New Jersey!  My boys and I were outside today for I would say about five hours!!  I just absolutely love spring time!  Although I look around me and all I see is yardwork!  I just look past that for now and see all the beautiful things blooming.  In my last post I posted about these new beauties I got my hands on.  Well I paired them up with my shiney sterling silver handmade earwires and designed some simple dangle earrings!  I just love them!  So much so that I made a pair for myself as well as my Etsy shop!  I wore them yesterday and they are so comfortable and light in my ears.  The facets of the bead with the pink and yellow colors are simply smashing!! 
I am super excited to also tell you that I have now started designing and making my own beads!!  I have been using clay and have come up with some beautiful earthy combinations that I know will be a hit!  But of course you will have to wait until my next post to see them!  Sorry to make you wait but they are still in the works.
Another fabulous thing that has happened today in fact, is that one of my pieces is being featured in a blog giveaway for Etsy Mom Street Team!  I am a proud member of this team.  So please check out the blog, there is even a little interview with me.  So happy to be given this opportunity.  It is a great bunch of moms there to help each other out!!

Have a blessed day!!

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