Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh my!

Oh my has it been this long since I have posted?!?!  Well, honestly it has been crazy for me thankfully with orders, the kids, and this time of year.  I have such a love/hate relationship with this time of year!  I love spring here in NJ with all the beautiful trees, flowers, and warmer weather.  But then ugh, call in the pollen and yard work and I am not a happy girl!!  We spent the past weekend getting our fenced in backyard ready for the boys.  We decided to separate it in half and make a playground area for the boys and a grassy area for our crazy dog.  It came out just wonderful especially with the find of the day by my sister!  She found the boys a HUGE Little Tikes castle (for boys!) at a yard sale for, get this.....$15.00!!!  And it is awesome!!  The boys can climb and slide, there is even a trap door!!  The love it!!  So that and their sandbox, basketball hoop, and cars I think we will be in business for the summer!!! 
We then got up to our elbows in weeding our rock garden, which is the length of our driveway.  Probably half the length of a football field but feels like 10 miles long when I pick the hottest day so far to weed it!!  But it is finished and weed free, yay!  We still have a bit more to do but this weekend should cover it, well at least Saturday since Sunday is Mother's Day and I am OFF DUTY!!
I also have been able to get a little creative in my little bit of spare time that I had left after that and the boys!  I have designed three more pairs of earrings and a very funky cool ring!  Pics will be posted soon, I need to run them through the tumbler to shine and harden them up!
I am also getting prepared for an event to benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation of Lehigh Valley.  I am looking forward to showing my work and helping in every way I can to help this great cause.
I will be doing another giveaway here on my blog in the next couple of weeks!  It is going to be a good one so stay tuned!!
Also be sure to check out the Etsymom blog http://www.etsymom.blogspot.com/ for great features, stories and giveaways!
Until next time my friends!

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